Is your dog finding it much more difficult to get in or out of your SUV then they used to? Well then it may well be about time you considered purchasing a good set of dog truck steps to help your beloved pet be able to get in and out of your SUV or pickup much more easily in the future. Certainly when it comes to finding a set of steps that are suitable for your particular truck it may well be worth your while taking a closer look at those which are made by Pet Loader.

The great thing about Pet Loader dog truck steps are not only are they strong and durable, but they are also extremely easy use. The Pet Loader stairs fold away to such a compact size that you can store them easily within your vehicle. Where you and your dog go they can go as well. For truck owners, Pet Loader offers a five step model that can be raised up to a height of 40 inches without any problem and still stable enough for any dog up to 250lbs to easily use these steps both comfortably and safely.

The Pet Loader dog stairs are designed with a special incline property that allows you to adjust them to fit the height of any vehicle perfectly, making access for your dog to the truck much easier! Certainly the earlier on you teach your dog to use steps rather than allowing them to jump in and out of your vehicle the better their health will remain. As dogs jump in and out of vehicles, they are placing pressure and stress on to various parts of their bodies which in later life can lead to health problems. The areas which are most likely to suffer from injuries through them jumping are the hips, back (spine) and joints. Using steps will mean that they are placing less pressure on these areas. For big dogs, stairs can be extremely beneficial. Larger breeds of dogs, such as Labradors, Mastiffs, German Shepherds and Boxers can be prone to problems such as hip dysplasia and other joint injuries. So if you want your dog to lead a happy and fruitful life and reduce the risk of such injuries then it is important that you seriously consider purchasing a good quality set of dog truck steps for your vehicle.