Pet Loader dog stairs can be used in sedan cars, with the platform resting on the seat. Measure the height from the pavement to the backseat to find the extention height needed. Also measure the door opening, as a platform width of 18″ may be too wide, in which case the 16″ or 12″ platform width will be required. All openings must allow 2″ of additional space to accommodate the actual width of the Pet Loader. The 12″ Mini Pet Loader will fit ALL side entry vehicle doors. The 14.5″ Pet Loader Ultra Light will fit most side door vehicles.

Extension Height

Besides platform material, choose the number of steps (3, 4, 5, or 6) that is right for for the height of your vehicle. Measure vehicle from the pavement to where your pet will enter the vehicle such as the cargo floor, seat, truck bed, etc., and then see our height chart below. Keep in mind the opening width, especially for passenger door openings, as they tend to be more narrow.

Car Side Height

The top platform can rest on the floor board or the seat, as shown below.

Side-Entry Examples
Pet Loader Heights

How to Measure for Side Entry

Check out our videos below to measure for a side entry, or call our customer service for further information at 877-275-4870.

Helpful Hint

To check the opening space, cut out a piece of cardboard to the size you think you will order and try it!


  • Pet Loader Mini: 12” x 22″
  • Pet Loader Ultra: 14.5” x 22″
  • Pet Loader Light: 16” x 22″

If you are still in doubt as to which pet step model to order, give us a call!