Our vehicles are designed for our vertical bodies. Our pets, however, are horizontal. If you bought a vehicle designed for your dog, you would be driving a go-cart! Since that does not work for our human driving needs, Pet Loader is the excellent solution for our best four-legged (and occasionally 3 legged) friends to have safe and secure entry and exit of our vehicles. Pet Loader is designed for the pets’ horizontal body and permits their natural gait while using their Pet Loader.

To provide the following benefits listed below, of our pets’ enjoyment in going for their ride with us, it is important that their human can enjoy loading them into the vehicle. Here too, the Pet Loader is designed for the human to open, close, and store the Pet Loader in a quick and easy manner. Made in America, the Pet Loader will give many years of superior and safe service for you and your pet. Many of our customers from way back in 2005 are still using their Pet Loader on the next generation of the family pets. Make your travel that special “positive experience” with your pet by having them safely go for that ride using their Pet Loader. Not struggling to lift your pet in and out of the vehicle and the safe and controlled exit of your pet from the vehicle allows you that positive experience too.

  1. Sensory Stimulation: Car rides expose dogs to a variety of sensory experiences, such as the sight of passing scenery, the feel of wind on their faces, and the different smells carried by the air. Dogs have a keen sense of smell, so the various scents they encounter during a car ride can be exciting and stimulating for them.
  2. Bonding and Social Interaction: Dogs are social animals that form strong bonds with their human companions. Going for a car ride often means spending quality time with their owners, which can strengthen the bond between them. Dogs may associate car rides with positive social interaction and attention from their favorite humans.
  3. Exploration and Novelty: Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and a car ride presents them with new and unfamiliar environments to explore. The changing scenery and different surroundings can be mentally stimulating for dogs and alleviate boredom.
  4. Anticipation of an Activity: Dogs are perceptive and can quickly associate certain cues with specific activities. If a car ride often leads to a fun destination like a park, a hiking trail, or a dog-friendly beach, the dog may become excited at the prospect of engaging in a favorite activity.
  5. Pack Mentality: Dogs are pack animals with an instinctual drive to be part of a group. When they’re in a car with their human family members, they may feel a sense of togetherness and security, similar to the pack dynamic they would experience in the wild.
  6. Positive Previous Experiences: If a dog has had enjoyable experiences during car rides, such as going to places they like or receiving treats or affection during the ride, they may develop a positive association with car travel.