As a dog grows older they will often develop joints problems which can often make it much more difficult for them to gain access to areas that they would have had no difficulty in getting in and out of when they were younger. This is where dog ramps and stairs, such as the Pet Loader, can come in useful as they will help them to gain access to say the back of the car when being taken to the veterinarian or out for the day. However below we look at some of the features you should make sure that your dog ramp has included within it.

It is important to remember that you will be carrying this product around so you need one that is not only light but also strong and one, which you can set up in a matter of minutes. It is best if you purchase one that comes with a handle that will then make it much easier to tote around, but the more compact it is, the less space it is likely to take up in your vehicle.

As well as it being lightweight and easy to move and assemble the ramp you choose should be strong enough to take the weight of your dog. Therefore when purchasing your ramp it is best that you look closely at what size of dog each ramp is rated for. Certainly those that have not been rated for being able to cope with dogs up to 150 should be avoided, as they have not been constructed as solidly as those that are.

Along with strength you need to select a Pet Loader which has a good set of safety features on it as well. With Pet Loader you will find that this particular dog ramp comes with the following features:

  • Has a platform on the top, which has been designed so that it rests inside the vehicle between 10 by 18 inches, which provides good stability that certainly not many of the other ramps available today can match.
  • It comes with a kind of matting or covering on it that will prevent the dog from slipping on it as they walk on it. Also this will provide your dog with more confidence as they use the ramp. Certainly a dog that finds that they are slipping as they walk up or down the ramp is less likely to want to use it in the future.
  • Has a base of 18 by 22 inches for a sound footprint. This gives the added safety and stability unmatched by other products. 26 linear inches of non-skid rubber hold Pet Loader fast to the surface securing the safety of your pet.

When it comes to dog ramps keeping the above in mind will help you to find the one which ideally suits your dog. Although the Pet Loader is often categorized as a dog ramp you will notice that it looks like a set of steps but is much more gentle on their joints and bones when they walk up them because of their flat surface and gentle incline.