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Big Dog with The Big Tongue Loves Her Pet Loader

Mochi “Mo” Ricket, an 8-year-old St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Is the Guiness Book of World Records holder of the title “dog with the longest tongue, and a happy Pet Loader customer. Her massive tongue was measured by a veterinarian at 7.3 inches. Her Pet Loader is a 4-Step XL with custom red carpeting for the star she is.

Neapolitan Mastiff, Luna Using Pet Loader — “Fantastic Product!”

Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic product! We have just had ours delivered today… and our Neapolitan Mastiff Luna literally went up it first time, the video shows her on about her 4th go! I have tried different ramps with her in the past and am over the moon with this!!!

…clearly worth the money and very easy to use and set up. Thank you!

Antonia & Luna : ) - UK

A Superior Product for Roadtrips!

Thank you for making such a superior product!! We want you to know that we have just completed a 3 month, 10k mile road trip with our 4 bassets using the stairs several times a day for them to enter and exit their luxury traveling accommodations in the pickup. We also sometimes make use of it for their access to the trailer when the slope up to it is steep. This stairway is easy for the dogs to use, is in excellent shape after much use, and has certainly saved our backs!

We highly recommend your product…

Sally and Mike M. and our 4 rescue bassets

Pet Loader is Endorsed by the Great Dane Rescue of the Commonwealth (VA)

We have 2 Great Danes. Our boy Wallace, who just turned 7 and was unable to successfully use a ramp to get in my smaller SUV. He was sadly diagnosed with hip dyplasia in one hip and arthritis in his lower spine. My husband would lift him for me when he could, but is not always available to assist me. I am unable to lift such a huge dog weighing about 130 lbs. We trained him to use a ramp, but it was so steep and he is very tall, it made it very difficult for him to pull himself up such an extreme angle.

I consulted with another volunteer at who mentioned your pet loader stairs and how easily the dogs used them right out of the box. She gave them such a great review that we ordered ours that day. I can attest it is as worth every cent. Wallace immediately took to the pet loader as they look like stairs and are wide enough to support the width of his stance, unlike a narrow ramp. The carpet makes them not slippery, so he was less apprehensive after his first step. We are so happy with the product, we have told all large breed owners we know about this amazing product. The dog rescue group we volunteer and foster for, GDROC, now endorses their use after seeing how easily it serves our breed needs.

Thank you for your product and supporting large breed rescues. The Pet Loader has improved Wallace’s quality of life by eliminating his incidences of injury, fear and discomfort as well as allows us to take him more places without worrying how we will load in him our vehicles. Buying this for Wallace was the best thing we have ever done for him, you can tell by the look on his face in the photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to design such an amazing product.

Jen and Rob Cordosi, Chesapeake, VA

Cody with a Smile

Cody with a Smile

Cody is a yellow lab with severe hip displasia. Lifting Cody became a problem for Dad, and the ramp didn’t work for Cody. His hips could not take the stresses from the ramp. Here is a photo of Cody’s first try into the Explorer using Pet Loader. Happiness! He went right in.

Pet Loader is the Perfect Answer to All My Problems!!

I just purchased your Pet Loader stairs and I have never been happier with a product! I needed something to help my 2 Golden Retrievers get into my cars. One Golden has metal plates in both his rear legs and the other Golden has hip dysplasia. To further complicate matters I have 2 SUV vehicles, one smaller and one larger. Other products allowed the dogs into the tailgate portion but not into the back seat. Then there was the issue of bringing the ramp or stairs with me. Both dogs travel to and from work with me on a daily basis. The products I had did not fold small enough, so they either took up the entire back seat or the tailgate portion. They were not only heavy but awkward, so I resorted to lifting the dogs into the backseat. (Not good for my already bad back!) Your product is the perfect answer to all my problems!! It not only allows me to put my dogs in either of my vehicles, it also lets then easily walk up to the back seat or the tailgate (yippee, no more lifting!), plus it folds to the perfect size so I can put it on the floor in the front.

I can not say enough good things about “Pet Loader”! I just wish I had discovered it sooner… I could have saved myself a lot of grief, aggravation, back aches and expense trying other products.

Marie Wagner, East Hampton, CT

Pet Loader H2O – Best Purchase We Ever Made for Our Boat!

Sheedy 1

We have used our Petloader stairs for the entire summer now & it was the best purchase we ever made for our boat! Our dog got the hang of it after several practice sessions in shallow water, and then he became a pro at using it. It fits great on our boat & is very easy to put up & down. I can’t tell you how pleased we are.

Sheedy 3

Sheedy 2

Pam Sheedy

Pet Loader for Trucker’s Best Friend

Pet Loader is solution for trucker’s friends to get aboard. Here we see Tedi entering and exiting his folks semi. A great demonstration, considering this is Tedi’s first time using the Pet Loader.

Storm Shelter Solution

Storm Shelter Solution

I ordered a pet loader from your website about 2 weeks ago and was able to use it to allow my older dog to get in and out of my storm shelter safely. I was so relieved to find something that gave me the option to take my dog with me into the storm shelter instead of leaving her outside.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Christina G., Oklahoma

What a Difference

I purchased Pet Loader for my aged German shepherd to help with her limited ability to get into my SUV. I also have back problems which made using the ramp a big chore. What a difference Pet Loader made on both of us.

CR, Atlantic City, NJ

Better Than Ramp

Pet Loader is brilliant. My dog never did like the ramps. I can collapse Pet Loader and take it with me which is more than I could do with the ramp as it was too big.


Loves Pet Loader

I bought this genius invention for our 118 lb black lab. I can’t tell you how many people have stopped and asked me about it. I have used it dozens of times for travel, at bedtime and it keeps performing beautifully. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

CF, Fort Wayne, IN

My Dog Took Right to It

I had bought a pet loader a year ago. The first time I set it up my dog Dufie (woofie woo) took right to the stairs without any type training with it. Even his vet fell in love with it. Anyone looking for a pet loader the stairs are the best to get might cost a little more then the others it’s worth it.

Carol L. Everglades City, FL

Pleasure Doing Business

Great product! Pleasure doing business with a company that conducts itself in a proper manner. Am telling all my dog owner friends and relatives about it.

JH, Plantation, FL

Can Keep New Vehicle

We weren’t too sure our aging and arthritic Newfoundland would be able to make it into my new Jeep Wrangler. She bounded right up. Now I can KEEP my new vehicle.

JK, Coral Gables, FL

Perfect for Pick-Ups

Perfect for Pickups

Thank you for getting the pet loader to me so quickly. We tried it out on our 84 lb. “Leo” and he went right up with no problems. As you can see, our large pick-up is very high off the ground. I was so impressed with how stable it was that I took this photo for you to share.

Evelena E. Chugiak, AK

What the Experts Say

Perfect for Groomers

“I was impressed with the ease of use and compact nature of this product. It would make both the pet and the owner’s life easier.” —Veterinarian

“This product impressed me … its features meet the needs of the customer.” Dog Trainer

“Makes my job easier. Dogs aren’t afraid to use it.” —Professional Groomer