Is your dog finding it more difficult to climb up on to their favorite spot in your home? A lot of dogs as they grow older will tend to have problems associated with their joints and will find it more difficult to jump up on to say their favorite chair because they are suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or they have just gotten older. But a good set of dog stairs will help to ensure that getting back onto their favorite chair or bed can be much easier.

Today there are many different styles of stairs that an owner can purchase for their dog but the one we are specifically going to be looking at in this article are Pet Loader dog stairs. These stairs have been specifically designed and manufactured to ensure that no additional rotating force is placed on their hips or joints as they climb in or out of a vehicle. Pet Loader dog stairs are designed with wide stable platforms so the chance of your dog having any kind of accident when they are using them is greatly reduced.

It is important to remember that every time your dog jumps on or off of something they are putting further pressure on to their joints and other parts of the body especially to the hips and back as well as the rear and front parts of their legs. With the use of stairs or even a ramp a dog owner is actually reducing the amount of stress and pressure being placed on these parts of the dog’s body. They do this by shortening the distance that the dog has to travel to get up or down high places. Instead of the dog having to cope with a tremendous impact every time they jump up or down from heights it can be broken down into gradual intervals. The Pet Loader dog stairs that you can purchase come with 3 to 5 steps and so can be used for all types of vehicles including trucks and SUVs.

When buying dog stairs to use in your vehicle it is important that you choose ones that can take your dogs weight. The ones that are designed and manufactured under the name of Pet Loader can take the weight of a dog up to 250lbs. No matter the size of your vehicle or dog, Pet Loader has a set of dog stairs that are suitable for you to use. Remember at the end of the day you want your dog to lead as full and happy a life as possible throughout their lifetime and getting a good quality set of dog stairs such as those designed and produced by Pet Loader are ideal.