Dog owners will find as their pet gets older it is much more difficult for their pet to get up on to their favorite chair or into the car because of problems with their joints, especially their hips. It does not matter what size of dog a person has; every time they are required to jump in or out of a vehicle or up or down off of their favorite chair they are constantly placing large amounts of stress and pressure on to their joints including their hips and knees. However there is a way an owner can help to reduce these problems by purchasing a good quality set of pet stairs such as those produced by Pet Loader.

Pet Loader pet stairs are specifically designed and produced with dogs in mind. It is important to remember that unlike humans, dogs are horizontal creatures, so as they walk or run or jump they are exerting much more force onto all areas of their body compared to us. Finding a way to reduce the amount of pressure on their joints and risk of injury will help your pet lead an extremely healthy and happy life well into old age.

The great thing about the stairs designed by Pet Loader is that as your dog walks up them the incline is very gentle which results in much less pressure and stress being placed onto your dog’s joints, muscles and ligaments especially their hips. Also, you will find that because of this gentle incline, they will be much more willing to use them. In most cases, dogs will instinctively know how to use Pet Loader. Plus because all the platforms (steps) within these pet stairs are level and wide, this provides your dog with further confidence in their stability reducing and eliminating anxiety and stress when they do use them.

Stationary pet stairs will help your dog gain access to your vehicle, but because they take up a lot of room, you may not be able to take them with you. However with the Pet Loader pet stairs that fold down into a very compact unit, they will easily fit into your car. Pet Loader pet stairs weigh less than a bag of dog food so they are easy to load. Where your dog goes the Pet Loader pet stairs can go as well. Pet Loader can save you money, saving you the cost of expensive medical treatment required for problems with their joints etc. from long term jumping injuries.