As your dog grows older, they may begin to suffer from problems with their joints. Wear and tear on the joints is common in any dog and will occur throughout their life. However there are things an owner can do to ensure that their dog’s joint health remains high and actually reduce the pressure and stress that is being placed upon them. In this article we take a closer look at the relationship between glucosamine and dogs joint health.

A dog’s body will naturally produce glucosamine that helps to build up cartilage tissue and which in turns helps their joints to remain healthy and so they remain mobile. Today there are food products now being made which can help to ensure that the levels of glucosamine found in your dog remain high ensuring that your dog remains healthy and active for much later in life.

Glucosamine and other compounds that certain dog foods contain help the cells known as Chondrocytes which then produce and maintain the proteins that their bodies need, along with water binding agents to help the cartilage to remain fit and healthy. Cartilage within your dog’s joints acts as a shock absorber and just as in a car or bicycle helps to prevent more damage being caused to their joints when they are doing any kind of vigorous activity.

Responsible dog owners should make sure that your dog’s weight remains at a level that is right for their size and breed. Unfortunately dogs with excess weight will be putting far much more pressure and stress on to their joints and so will develop problems in the future. If you do find your dog becoming overweight then you need to implement a good diet and exercise regime under supervision of your veterinarian. Helping your dog lose weight help to reduce the stress that is being placed on their joints. It is best that you choose exercises with your vet that are going to help keep the muscles in your dog’s body toned and also ensure that their joints remain flexible.

Along with ensuring that your dog’s diet and exercise regime is good, there are other things that you can help to ensure that your dogs joint health remains good. One way you can prevent excess pressure from being placed on your dogs joints is through the use of a good set of dog stairs such as those produced by Pet Loader. These steps can be used on any kind of vehicle whether from a small sedan to extra high pick up. They will provide your dog with a much gentler way of gaining access to the vehicle. When dogs jump in and out of vehicles they are putting constant pressure and stress on their joints and risking injury. Using pet stairs such as Pet Loader you will prevent those risks and your dog will able to lead a much fuller and happier life in the future.