A small dog jumping off a bed or sofa risks injury at any age. Puppies have undeveloped bones, joints and muscles that put them at risk of injury and permanent damage. Dogs with long backs and short legs are easily injured by jumping. Repeated jumping from heights can cause cumulative orthopedic damage, and older dogs have greater healing difficulty.

Larger dogs can be injured, too, especially if they develop orthopedic problems. Hip dysplasia, knee injuries, back problems, and shoulder issues are some of the conditions that can make either jumping up or jumping down harmful to a dog of any size. Having Pet Loader dog stairs and teaching a dog to use it at all times is a great precaution.

Pet Loader will spare your back from lifting a sick or injured dog up and down. When your dog uses Pet Loader dog steps, it will spare you from lifting, and months of back pain.

The best time to teach a dog to use the Pet Loader dog steps is when the dog is well and could get by without it. Keep a healthy dog healthy. Jumping injuries are cumulative and many of us find ourselves needing help getting our dogs into and out of cars. Especially older and injured dogs. Pet Loader makes this easy, you and your dog will be more comfortable.