The stairs that pet loader have designed and produced have been specifically designed with dogs in mind. It is important to remember that unlike humans, dogs are horizontal creatures, so as they walk or run or jump they are exerting much more force onto all areas of their body compared to us. Therefore if you can use a method which can help to reduce the amount of pressure on their bodies, then you are helping your pet to lead an extremely healthy and happy life well into old age.

The great thing about the stairs that have been designed and produced by Pet Loader is that as your dog walks up them the incline is very gentle which results in much less pressure and stress being placed onto your dog’s joints, muscles and ligaments especially their hips. Also, you will find that because of this gentle incline, they will be much more willing to use them. Pet Loader dog stairs are designed not to bounce or slide which gives dogs the feeling of stability. In most cases, dogs will instinctively know how to use Pet Loader. Plus as all the platforms (steps) within these pet stairs are level and wide then this provides your dog with further confidence that they will be stable for them to use and so they are going to be much less anxious or stressed when they do use them.

In addition to being easier for dogs to use, Pet Loader is more durable than most ramps, and takes up less space. Telescoping ramps tend to fall apart more easily, and fold-in-half ramps use cheaper plastic which can crack under heavier weights.

Dog Weight Distributed Horizontally