Size is everything. The Pet Loader Light is for all dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. The LIGHT model weighs less than the XL model and is 16 inches wide. The Pet Loader LIGHT model will safely carry 150-pound pets and weighs approximately 22% less that the 18 inch wide XL model. Example of weights: 4-Step Light is 23 pounds, while the 4-Step XL is 29 pounds. The Pet Loader Light dog stairs have been specifically designed for the dogs the size of the typical Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever or German Shepard.

The Pet Loader XL model is specifically made for the largest pets to safely carry their weight. With dogs over 125 pounds, the width of the dog becomes more of a concern than the weight of the dog. The Pet Loader XL dog stairs were specifically designed for the great breeds, up to 250 pounds. And, while Pet Loader XL is heavier, it weighs less than a bag of dog food. The XL dog steps will carry a 250 pound Mastiff or similar great breed dog. Due to the larger pet size and the demands of carrying that weight the XL model is 18 inches wide and is heavier due to the construction of the platforms. A 250 pound dog will use Pet Loader XL with confidence. Occasionally, the pet owner will want to extra width for their pet. No problem, many pets like the extra width and solid feel the XL provides. The pet owner should be aware to XL does weigh more than our other models.

For the largest pets up to 300 pounds, choose the Pet Loader MAX.

Aluminum Alternatives

We also manufacture Pet Loader dog steps with aluminum platforms for additional weight savings. The 16 inch wide is 2 pounds lighter and rated for up to 150 pounds. The Ultra is 14.5” wide, and is 3 pounds lighter.

Our pets come in a wide range of sizes and weights, and there are many different uses of Pet Loader. The creators and founders of Pet Loader, Evonne and Bob Whalen have made all the variations of Pet Loader dog stairs to encompass the vast majority of needs of DOGS OF EVERY SIZE AND FOR MANY DIFFERENT PURPOSES.