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Pet Loader H20

Pet Loader H20

The Perfect Dog Ladder for Your Boat and Pool!

Features of the Pet Loader H20 dog stairs.

Make it easy for your dog to board your boat from the water.

With Pet Loader H2O dog ladder your dog will no longer have to struggle to reboard your boat from the water. And you won’t have to drag him aboard or struggle to push him onto the boat, making it safer for you and your pet.

Pet Loader H2O attaches to the swim platform, separate from the swim ladder. When not in use it can be flipped to the up position and easily detaches for storage.

Pet Loader H20 dog stair for pontoon boats.

Works great for pools too!

Mounting the Pet Loader H20 to the pool deck provides the perfect way for a dog to leave the pool without struggling or damaging the liner. Pet Loader H20 will give your dog a large platform to swim up and easily walk out of the pool. It mounts easily to the pool deck. The Pet Loader H2O is the best pet ladder on the market!

Pet stairs for your pool.

Pet Loader H2O is the solution for every boat owner with a dog!

  • No injury to dog or yourself
  • Low angle of ascent/descent eliminates your pet’s fear
  • Dog instinctively knows how to use Pet Loader H2O dog ladder
  • Level platforms instill confidence
  • Wide decks eliminate anxiety
  • Rubber matting for critical traction
  • No sag for added assurance
  • Great stability, easily holds the largest dogs
  • Ideal pet ladder for any swim platform on any boat

Pet Loader H20 has a limited warranty.

We are so confident of our product, Pet Loader provides a limited warranty for reasonable use.

Pet Loader H2O requires some assembly. We recommend it be installed by a professional marine mechanic to ensure its proper function. We do not accept responsibility for improper use or installation.


All Pet Loader H2O pet ladder models easily support dogs from 60 to 150 pounds. Our H2O platforms are powder coated aluminum with USA made Marine grade rubber welded onto it with traction ribs for your pets’ comfort. The H2O is an easy step onto the boat for them. Now we offer two models to fit any boat: Pet Loader H2O dog ladder for all standard boats with swim platforms and Pet Loader H2O XL dog ladder for pontoon boats or any boat without a swim platform. All hardware is Stainless Steel. Platforms powder coated aluminum white. H2O will float if dropped in the water.

For best results, the lowest platform should be at a depth 7 to 9 inches below water level. All Pet Loader H2O dog ladder models have a slight downward pitch to allow easy boarding for your dog, in their natural horizontal swimming position.

Pet Loader H2O (2-Step Model)

Our regular 2 step model is for the standard fiberglass swim platforms. It weighs 14 pounds. Measuring from the deck to the bottom step in the water it is approximately 21 inches. The step height from base to mid step 7 inches. All hardware is Stainless Steel. Platforms powder coated aluminum white.

For fiberglass boats that sit higher off the water we have a 3 step model that drops 24 inches from the deck into the water.   

Assembly Instructions for the Pet Loader H2O and H2O XL dog ladder.

Pet ladders for your boat, pontoon boats and pool.

Stainless steel flanges for H20.

Pet Loader H2O XL
For Pontoon boats and standard boats without swim platforms

The Pet Loader H2O XL dog ladder features an extended arm, an additional step with a longer arm to accommodate the Pontoon boat height above the water. This model is best for Pontoon boats deck 16 to 19 inches above water and fiberglass boats that sit higher off the water. It weighs 18 pounds and measures 26 inches from the deck to the bottom step. The step height is 7 inches from step to step All hardware is Stainless Steel. Platforms powder coated aluminum white. Pet Loader H2O XL dog ladder works for all boats or pontoons up to deck heights 19” above the water line.

Basic Rule of Thumb for Pontoon Boats 

One third of the pontoon boat sits in the water so the deck of 23 inch diameter pontoon is approximately 15.5 inches above the water and the deck fo a 27 inch pontoon boat is approximately 18 inches above the water. These measures vary slightly due to the boat load: fuel on board, passengers, equipment on board, etc. 

Assembly Instructions for the Pet Loader H2O and H2O XL dog ladder.