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Why is Pet Loader dog stairs better than ramps?

The stairs that pet loader have designed and produced have been specifically designed with dogs in mind. It is important to remember that unlike humans, dogs are horizontal creatures, so as they walk or run or jump they are exerting much more force onto all areas of their body compared to us. Therefore if you can use a method which can help to reduce the amount of pressure on their bodies, then you are helping your pet to lead an extremely healthy and happy life well into old age.

The great thing about the stairs that have been designed and produced by Pet Loader is that as your dog walks up them the incline is very gentle which results in much less pressure and stress being placed onto your dog's joints, muscles and ligaments especially their hips. Also, you will find that because of this gentle incline, they will be much more willing to use them. Pet Loader dog stairs are designed not to bounce or slide which gives dogs the feeling of stability. In most cases, dogs will instinctively know how to use Pet Loader. Plus as all the platforms (steps) within these pet stairs are level and wide then this provides your dog with further confidence that they will be stable for them to use and so they are going to be much less anxious or stressed when they do use them.

In addition to being easier for dogs to use, Pet Loader is more durable than most ramps, and takes up less space. Telescoping ramps tend to fall apart more easily, and fold-in-half ramps use cheaper plastic which can crack under heavier weights.

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Why is Pet Loader better than stationary dog stairs?

There are many reasons Pet Loader is superior to the stationary dog stairs. Dog stairs are heavy, making them hard to move. They are not made to be lifted or stored, while Pet Loader when closed is compact and weighs less than a bag of dog food. Pet Loader is made to store, and transport, making it perfect for the car, as well as the home.

Other products, such as stationary dog stairs, are rigid, and are not adjustable in any way. Pet Loader comes in a range of stair configurations 3, 4 or 5 platforms, which can be customized down the road, removing or adding stairs to meet any future needs.

Dog stairs are made like human stairs, with narrow depths for the treads, which can be more difficult for a horizontal dog to navigate. Pet Loader has deep platforms which give dogs the added stability and confidence when using them.

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Does Pet Loader dog steps come in different sizes? How do I choose the correct size?

Pet Loader is available is several different models. Models differ primarily in platform (step) material and width of the platform.Our aluminum models are lighter and easier to handle. ABS platforms tend to be more rugged.

Measure vehicle from the pavement to where your pet will enter the vehicle such as the cargo floor, seat, truck bed, etc.
Measuring for a Pet Ramp

Choose the number of steps, 3, 4 or 5, that is right for for the height of your vehicle. Measure vehicle from the pavement to where your pet will enter the vehicle such as the cargo floor, seat, truck bed, etc. then see our height chart below.

3 and 4 Step Models5 Step Model

There are three step widths available for the Pet Loader; 12″, 16″ and 18″ wide. When choosing your Pet Loader size and width, be sure to consider where you will be using them and the agility level of your dog.

Larger dogs – particularly those with compromised mobility – will do better with wider 16″ or 18″ steps. Smaller dogs will do just fine with the smaller 12″ width.

When using Pet Loader dog stairs for cars and sedans, take a moment to check the available space when your door is open. (Some car doors do not open as fully as others and may only allow a 12″ wide model to fit properly.)

Pet Loader dog stairs will last longer than most people keep their cars, the Pet Loader can be customized in the future to fit any car height, by adding or removing steps at any time.

Pet Loader will safely carry all dogs!

Petloader Ramp Sizes

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What is the difference between the Pet Loader Light and Pet Loader XL dog stair models?

Size is everything. The Pet Loader Light is for all dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. The LIGHT model weighs less than the XL model and is 16 inches wide. The Pet Loader LIGHT model will safely carry 150 pound pets and weighs approximately 22% less that the 18 inch wide XL model. Example of weights: 4-Step Light is 23 pounds, while the 4-Step XL is 29 pounds.

The Pet Loader XL model is specifically made for the largest pets to safely carry their weight. The XL dog steps will carry a 250 pound Mastiff or similar great breed dog. Due to the larger pet size and the demands of carrying that weight the XL model is 18 inches wide and is heavier due to the construction of the platforms. A 250 pound dog will use Pet Loader XL with confidence. Occasionally, the pet owner will want to extra width for their pet. No problem, many pets like the extra width and solid feel the XL provides. The pet owner should be aware to XL does weigh more than our other models.

Aluminum Alternatives.
We also manufacture the Pet Loader dog steps with aluminum platforms for additional weight savings. The 16 inch wide is 2 pounds lighter and rated for up to 150 pounds. The Ultra is 14.5” wide, and is 3 pounds lighter.

Our pets come in a wide range of sizes and weights, and there are many different uses of Pet Loader. The creators and founders of Pet Loader, Evonne and Bob Whalen have made all the variations of Pet Loader dog stairs to encompass the vast majority of needs of DOGS OF EVERY SIZE AND FOR MANY DIFFERENT PURPOSES.

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How does the Pet Loader dog steps attach to the vehicle?

Pet Loader does not attach physically to the vehicle. The top step rests on the solid landing destination, whether that is the bumper at the back of the vehicle, the back seat of a sedan, a pick-up truck bed or any number of variations. Gravity and the weight of the platform itself does the rest. Skid resistant neoprene pads on the underside of the top platform and the bottom platform prevent sliding and protect against scratching.

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Dog ramp for sedan style doors

Can I use Pet Loader dog steps with a sedan side door?

Absolutely! Pet Loader dog stairs can be used in sedan cars, with the platform resting on the seat. Measure the height from the pavement to the backseat to find the extention height needed. Also measure the door opening, as a platform width of 18" may be too wide, in which case the 14.5" or 12" platform width will be required. The 12" Mini Pet Loader will fit ALL side entry vehicle doors. The 14.5" Pet Loader will fit most side door vehicles, call our customer service for further information 877-275-4870.

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How far does the Pet Loader extend?

Basically, Pet Loader dog stairs extends the length of an average sized dog.

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What is the difference between the Pet Loader Light and the Pet Loader XL?

The Pet Loader Light is, as its name suggests, lighter than the Pet Loader XL, 22% lighter! The Pet Loader Light dog stairs has been specifically designed for the dogs the size of the typical Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever or German Shepard.

With dogs over 125 pounds, the width of the dog becomes more of a concern than the weight of the dog. For the heavier, wider dog we recommend the Pet Loader XL, with its 18 inch wide platform. The Pet Loader XL dog stairs were specifically designed for the great breeds, up to 250 pounds. Pet Loader XL is more rugged, made to accommodate the largest dog breeds, from Great Danes to Mastiffs. And, while Pet Loader XL is heavier, it weighs less than a bag of dog food.

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If I buy the 4 step and get a different car, can I add a platform?

Pet Loader dog steps are ideal for SUV's, trucks, and other high step vehicles. An optional 5th step is available for exceptionally high trucks. Our Pet Loader Platform upgrade kits can transform your 3 step Pet Loader into a 4 step Pet Loader, or make your 4 step Pet Loader into a 5 step Pet Loader. Platform kits contain one platform and matching carpet( stock permitting) 2 long side links, steel hardware,and instruction sheet.

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Dog stairs for large dogs.

How large a dog can use Pet Loader dog stairs?

Pet Loader dog stairs will safely carry all dogs. Pet Loader XL is recommended for dogs weighing up to 250 lbs.,assuring the safety of all pets. From Minature Poodles to Mastiffs, Pet Loader can carry them all!

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Is Pet Loader Warranted?

Try Pet Loader® dog stairs for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with its performance, ease of use, or any other aspect of Pet Loader, you may return it for a full refund of the purchase price. ABS plastic and metal are warranted for life against manufacturing defects. See our warranty for complete details.

Pet Loader Dog Steps Warranty

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What is the maximum height Pet Loader will adjust to?

Our 3-Step Pet Loaders dog stairs have an extension range from a minimum height of 16" to a maximum height of 20". The 4-Step Pet Loader dog stairs has a range from 20" to a maximum height of 30". The largest, 5-Step Pet Loader dog stairs, extend from 29" to a maximum height of 40".

Petloader Ramp Sizes

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Train your puppy to use dog stairs

How do you train a dog to use Pet Loader dog stairs?

In most cases, dogs will instinctively know how to use Pet Loader dog stairs. It is important to remember that unlike humans, dogs are horizontal creatures, so as they walk or run or jump they are exerting much more force onto all areas of their body compared to us. Plus all the platforms (steps) are level and wide which provides your dog with further confidence of their stability during use, reducing anxiety or stress when they do use them.

If your dog shows any reluctance, treats can be used to coax a dog up. Always keep your pet on a leash while guiding them up and down.

Click to view our training video.

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Dog stairs and ramps for pickup trucks

Can I use Pet Loader dog stairs on a pick-up truck bed?

Pet Loader can be used with pick-ups, sedans, SUV's, trucks, RVs and other high step vehicles.

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Dog stairs and ramps for semi-trucks and golf carts

Why should I use stairs when the dog can jump?

A small dog jumping off a bed or sofa risks injury at any age. Puppies have undeveloped bones, joints and muscles that put them at risk of injury and permanent damage. Dogs with long backs and short legs are easily injured by jumping. Repeated jumping from heights can cause cumulative orthopedic damage, and older dogs have greater healing difficulty.

Larger dogs can be injured, too, especially if they develop orthopedic problems. Hip dysplasia, knee injuries, back problems, and shoulder issues are some of the conditions that can make either jumping up or jumping down harmful to a dog of any size. Having Pet Loader dog stairs and teaching a dog to use it at all times is a great precaution.

Pet Loader will spare your back from lifting a sick or injured dog up and down. When your dog uses Pet Loader dog steps, it will spare you from lifting, and months of back pain.

The best time to teach a dog to use the Pet Loader dog steps is when the dog is well and could get by without it. Keep a healthy dog healthy. Jumping injuries are cumulative and many of us find ourselves needing help getting our dogs into and out of cars. Especially older and injured dogs. Pet Loader makes this easy, you and your dog will be more comfortable.

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Dog stairs for dogs with see thru issues

What if a dog has "see thru" issues on stairs?

Some dogs do have issues related to stairs which don't have solid risers between the treads, this is sometimes referred to as "cellar stair" syndrome. If your dog has a fear of stairs which have no risers, Pet Loader has a solution. By ordering Pet Loader dog steps with velcro carpet attachments, you can close the gaps between the stairs with the carpeting, giving the dog the look of a solid stair. Call and talk to us about this special needs feature. Customer Service Toll Free: 877-275-4870.

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Dog stairs and steps for your home

Can I use Pet Loader dog steps in my house?

Pet Loader dog steps are perfect for all types of applications in a house. Whether you want to use the Pet Loader for access to a high bed, or a couch, or even a table for grooming. Pet Loader dog steps can even be used on stairways dogs have trouble navigating, such as stairs with narrow treads or risers which are too steep for them to climb.

Many of today's bed frames are built very high. These new higher profile beds can cause serious damage to dogs joints if they are jumping up or down from them. If you want to allow your dog access to your bed, the Pet Loader dog steps makes this easy. By resting the top platform on the on the bed frame or slipping it between the box spring and the mattress the dog will have a safe easy way to climb up. And Pet Loader is perfect to store under the bed when you want it out of sight.

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Heavy duty dog steps and stairs

Are Pet Loader dog stairs durable enough for heavy duty use?

Pet Loader dog stairs are built for heavy duty use. Corrosion is not a problem with the ABS Plastic Pet Loaders, Pet Loader Light and Pet Loader XL, making them long lasting. Professionals who use them daily, for grooming or in vet practices, with a variety of dogs, find them well built for long term use. And Pet Loader comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Dog stairs and steps for your RV

Will Pet Loader pet steps work in an RV or camper?

The steps into an RV or Camper can be too high for most dogs. Pet Loader solves this problem perfectly. With Pet Loader pet steps you can adjust the incline so the dogs can easily be part of the trip! And closing Pet Loader up, it won't take up a lot of valuable space.

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Dog stairs and steps for airplanes

Will Pet Loader dog steps work for boats or planes?

Pet Loader dog steps makes it easy to get your dog on board a boat or a plane. With the adjustable incline, you can make it easy for a dog to get from the dock to your boat.

Those with planes have found Pet Loader the perfect solution to getting their dogs in and out of their planes. Pet Loader dog steps closes for easy storage, so it won't take up a lot of valuable space.

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