I just purchased your Pet Loader stairs and I have never been happier with a product! I needed something to help my 2 Golden Retrievers get into my cars. One Golden has metal plates in both his rear legs and the other Golden has hip dysplasia. To further complicate matters I have 2 SUV vehicles, one smaller and one larger. Other products allowed the dogs into the tailgate portion but not into the back seat. Then there was the issue of bringing the ramp or stairs with me. Both dogs travel to and from work with me on a daily basis. The products I had did not fold small enough, so they either took up the entire back seat or the tailgate portion. They were not only heavy but awkward, so I resorted to lifting the dogs into the backseat. (Not good for my already bad back!) Your product is the perfect answer to all my problems!! It not only allows me to put my dogs in either of my vehicles, it also lets then easily walk up to the back seat or the tailgate (yippee, no more lifting!), plus it folds to the perfect size so I can put it on the floor in the front.

I can not say enough good things about “Pet Loader”! I just wish I had discovered it sooner… I could have saved myself a lot of grief, aggravation, back aches and expense trying other products.