We have 2 Great Danes. Our boy Wallace, who just turned 7 and was unable to successfully use a ramp to get in my smaller SUV. He was sadly diagnosed with hip dyplasia in one hip and arthritis in his lower spine. My husband would lift him for me when he could, but is not always available to assist me. I am unable to lift such a huge dog weighing about 130 lbs. We trained him to use a ramp, but it was so steep and he is very tall, it made it very difficult for him to pull himself up such an extreme angle.

I consulted with another volunteer at GDROC.com who mentioned your pet loader stairs and how easily the dogs used them right out of the box. She gave them such a great review that we ordered ours that day. I can attest it is as worth every cent. Wallace immediately took to the pet loader as they look like stairs and are wide enough to support the width of his stance, unlike a narrow ramp. The carpet makes them not slippery, so he was less apprehensive after his first step. We are so happy with the product, we have told all large breed owners we know about this amazing product. The dog rescue group we volunteer and foster for, GDROC, now endorses their use after seeing how easily it serves our breed needs.

Thank you for your product and supporting large breed rescues. The Pet Loader has improved Wallace’s quality of life by eliminating his incidences of injury, fear and discomfort as well as allows us to take him more places without worrying how we will load in him our vehicles. Buying this for Wallace was the best thing we have ever done for him, you can tell by the look on his face in the photos.

Thank you so much for taking the time to design such an amazing product.